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Best Features of a PC Optimizer

  • 16th Nov, 2018
  • IGS Cleaner

Boosting and Scanning features of an operating system can remove undesirable documents and folders, and upgrade your PC. But one of the main features of a PC Optimizer is Registry cleaning.

PC improving assumes a crucial job in optimizing, cleaning, and speed-up your PC. PC Optimizer is software that can accelerate, clean up and deal with your system to run easily. In this manner, it has an alternate sort of features, and some of them incorporate memory administration, system cleaners, memory optimizer, and junk document cleaner, security defenders, startup chief and many more.

Some of the Features of a PC Optimizer include:


There are many new features have been included, and numerous bugs have been fixed to make it just the best for your PC. Besides, a few upgrades have been made in this product, and one of its features is its capability to perform various tasks. The product plays out a few capacities like system cleaning and error rectifying, without disturbing the client.


The updated versions of the product contain a component a single click help Junk and error scan. Also, the software demonstrations as virus checker and output every one of the reports, records. Some of the time upgrade options appear to the client. Thus, upgraded scanning features are in every case more solid and productive in expelling malicious documents and software. The features are visible to the client, and they can continue the procedure with only a single click. When you run a software update, this PC optimizer will keep a backup of all your information. In this manner, no compelling reason to stress over the erased documents while in the process.

Virus detection

The new versions of the PC cleaner do a complete scan of spyware, malware, and ransom-ware. These malware are harmful to your PC. They can degenerate your framework and remove every one of your information. Virus attacks can even gain admittance to individual points of interest and make you bankrupt. PC Optimizer enables you to screen suspicious action and gives you a choice of undo. By this alternative, you can avoid deletion of your important files.

Registry Cleaning/Defragmentation

Registry defragmentation is a procedure of defragmenting registry files that have issues and errors in it. It will support your PC and pace up its speed. You can likewise make reinforcements of your registry changes inside the application. It will erase undesirable reserved vaults from your system and accelerate your PC. There are many PC Cleaning software available in the market having various features but many of them are not capable of dealing with all the issues of a computer, so while choosing for a junk removal cleaning software you must have to careful. There is one recommended computer cleaning software IGS Cleaner. IGS is all in one featured packed PC Cleaner, which enables you to wipe out all the issues related to your PC whether it is junks, disk clean, registry cleaning and speed problem. IGS is an ideal solution to enhance your computer performance.