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Brute Force Attack And Protection Against Them

Brute Force Attack And Protection Against Them

  • 30th Jul, 2020
  • IGS Cleaner

Brute Force Attack aims at cracking passwords, usernames, find a hidden web page or key used to encrypt any message, that uses trial and error approach while hoping to guess correctly. This is the old school method of attacking but it’s still popular and effective among hackers.

Depending on the complexity and length of the password, it can take only a few seconds to many years for cracking. In fact, according to the reports of Multifunctional PC Cleaner - IGS Team, some hackers target the same system for multiple-day for a month or even years.

Tools That Supports Brute Force Attacks

Guessing a password for a specific site or user can take a long time that’s why some tools have been developed by hackers that can help them in completing this task faster. These tools check password combinations until the correct one is found. In order to crack a password successfully, it is essential to have one of these tools that can go through a vast variety and number of password combinations that can be difficult to calculate by any human itself.
The most basic tool that supports Brute Force Attempts is Dictionary. Several hackers go through elaborated dictionaries along with augmenting words including special characters and numerals. However, this kind of attack is impractical.
In standard attacks, a hacker has to opt for a target and start running possible combinations of a password against the provided username that includes some of the leak passwords made available online. These types of attacks are known as Dictionary Attacks.
Some of the popular examples of Brute Force Attack tools are John the Ripper, L0phtCrack, Aircrack-ng, and RainbowCrack.

    Types of Brut Force Attacks

    With the regular emergence of new technologies, the number of attacks also increases. There are several different types of Brute Force Attack but each one of them has the same goal of hacking a site, app or other important encryptions.

  • 1. Hybrid Brute Force Attacks

    As mentioned above dictionary attacks are the most common Brute force Attacks and uses a list of words from the dictionary to crack password easily which is also known as Hybrid Brute Force Attacks. For example, if your password is let’s say ‘password’ then a brute force bot will only take seconds to crack it.
  • 2. Reverse Brute Force Attacks

    There is no specific username that is targeted in a Reverse Brute Force Attack, instead use a common set of passwords to crack the passwords of every possible username.
  • 3. Credential Stuffing

    When the username and password are known by the hacker it becomes way easier for them to gain access to multiple network resources and websites. Let’s say, you have an account on different websites but prefer to use the same password and username in each of them for simplicity, which lessens the work of the attacker as now they can access as many resources you have with the same credentials. However, using two-factor authentication and different passwords for every different network resources can prevent brute force attacks that rely on stuffing of credentials.

Ways to Prevent Brute Force Attacks

Brute force attacks usually rely on weak passwords along with the careless network administration. But luckily, these two are the only areas that can be easily enhanced to prevent any vulnerabilities that could bring your network or website down to their knees. All you need to do is utilize strong passwords that include Capital & small letters, special characters and numerals at the same time, which limit the number of login attempts. Besides, you can also enable two-step authentication which will efficiently Brute Force Attacks.
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Overall, it is necessary to let your organization know about the importance of password strength and other informational security habits. Also, if you want to learn more about cybersecurity threats then make sure to check more informational articles provided by the team of best PC Cleaner Optimizer - IGS Cleaner.