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Data Breach & It’s Causes

Data Breach & It’s Causes

  • 06th May, 2020
  • IGS Cleaner

When the information is acquired from your database, PCs or Cloud Account without any authorization then it is called Data Breach. It can hurt customers & businesses in so many ways. They can easily damage reputations or lives and that takes a long time to repair.

You must have seen many stories regarding Data Breaches these days in the news and it’s nothing we should be shocked about?

As technology is progressing day by day, a lot of our information has been transferring on the digital side. And because of that, cyberattacks have become almost common and its recovery has become more costly than it was ever before.
Around the world, the average total cost of a data breach to a company is approx. $3.86 million. We must say online crime is a real threat to anyone who is on the internet.
The most common form of data loss to data breaches was: personally identifiable information like credit card numbers, your full name, and Security numbers.
That’s why you should have the best system optimizer - IGS Cleaner in your PCs as it clears all the junks and viruses and keeps your data secured.

Why do data breaches occur?

For hackers, Cybercrime is a profitable industry and it continues to grow more and more each day. Hackers seek personally identifiable information so that they can steal money, sell over the dark web or compromise identities. Data breaches occur for numerous reasons, in the following four ways:

  • Drive-by downloads. By just visiting a compromised website, you could unintentionally download malware or virus. A drive-by download will easily take advantage of an application, browser, or operating system that is not updated or has some security flaws.
  • Exploiting system vulnerabilities. Softwares that are not updated can create a loop-hole for an attacker allowing them to sneak malware onto a computer and steal all the vital information.
  • Weak passwords. Insecure or weak user passwords are very easy for hackers to guess, especially if a password includes a whole word or phrase. That’s why every time you are advised by experts to not use simple passwords and should use unique & complex passwords.
  • Targeted malware attacks.Hackers usually use phishing and spam email to try and trick the user so that they can easily reveal user credentials, download malware attachments, or redirect users towards vulnerable web pages or sites. So always avoid opening any links or attachments in an email if it is sent through an unfamiliar source and keep in mind that an email can be easily made to look like it has arrived from a trusted source, even when it’s actually not.

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