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Registry Cleaner

IGS Registry cleaner is an arrangement of information records used to enable windows to control equipment, programming, the client's condition, the "look and feel" of the Windows interface and where programs store their information. IGS Cleaner is a computer tuneup software that enables you to discover and tackle all the library issues that can cause mistakes and undesirable practices, tidy up the windows library and keep the framework blunder free and quick by evacuating excess things like the library documents of as of now uninstalled programming or alternate routes that have been moved.


Registry Defrag

In the wake of utilizing registry cleaner to distinguish and evacuate issues, the as of late invalid sections expelled leave void spaces, implying that the span of the library stays unaltered. It's a given that stacking a little vault is quicker than a major one. Because of the manner in which documents are saved money on a hard drive, rehashed record erasure makes a PC in the long run keep running at a slower pace.


Disk Cleaner

Sometime you are unknown to what is on your computer or even maybe you have no idea from where and how it got there? IGS disk cleaner is the best junk removal software, designed to quickly and easily free disk space that is used by temporary files like those in the system temporary folder, the Internet Explorer Cache and Cookies folder, and the Recycle Bin. Sometimes you have no idea how many programs you have installed or uninstalled but it is still in the program folder and this pc junk removal software is designed to recover all of the space that it is taking up on your hard drives.


Duplicate file Finder

Normally, it happens you may not have any idea about the duplicate files you have downloaded from the Internet or duplicate files spread over your home network. Duplicate documents are generally excessive and pointless, so keeping them is only a misuse of significant hard disk space. Your hard drives might be brimming with records, mp3, photographs and video and a significant number of them are excessive.


Junk issues

With IGS cleaner in a single click,Our pushed framework can scan many projects you can clean lingering framework garbage documents to totally free up your PC storage.


Scan and Repair

IGS cleaner is user friendly that permits you to quickly and easily scan for problems on your computer and repair in a single click. It includes spotting and removing junk files, defragmenting disks, repairing registry errors, upgrading the internet connection and recognizing security vulnerabilities can be done with just a few clicks.


Automatic maintenance

You always want to run your PC like new, and for this it has been recommended to keep cleaning and upgrading your PC regularly. IGS cleaner allows you to maintain the computer solutions and tasks to keep your PC in a good condition.


File shredder

File shredder accompanies the most modern information demolition calculations in presence to be sure that your classified documents, information and data are absolutely past recuperation.

Computer Cleaner

The all-in-one PC privacy and security solution:

  • Secure your privacy
  • Enhance browsing experience
  • Delete sensitive files permanently
  • Clear media player records and stored playlists
  • Remove chat logs and messaging records
  • Free up valuable disk space
  • Delete download logs and Internet tracks
  • Securely erase Credit Card & Banking details