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How Deleting Internet History An Important Aspect Towards Protecting Privacy

  • 17th May, 2021
  • IGS Cleaner

Why Delete Internet History

Deleting internet history is immensely important today, what with the whole world gone online and the growth of theft via the internet. There can be someone creeping at our information while we are surfing the internet.

Still wondering why you should delete your Internet History, then you should read further down to get acquainted about the Web Trackers.

What are Web Trackers? Online Tracking Tools?

All the third-party websites, tools, programs, cookies, browser caches, spyware that are made to take users’ information without their knowledge are known as Web Trackers. Anyone who uses these can grab your information from your internet activity, can even take out all the personal records of yours, having malicious content.

How Does This Actually Works

It is very simple to understand, whenever we visit a website we leave some online trails after each and every click, many websites use "cookies" as a way to know about the user preferences, to have targeted advertising and customized taste, they collect this information and store it in their accounts.

From the perspective of an e-commerce website, without these, all customers would take the same and they couldn't customize their services for the benefit of us.

Then Web Tracking Is Not Evil Right?

A technology made is never evil, it is de-formed and twisted to use them for evil purposes, similarly, these web trackers used with malicious intent can be a loss of grave danger but on the other hand, it is a boon for e-commerce advertising.

Internet history or temporary download internet files/information are not bad by themselves. They are just the way your computer’s website stores the pages you are visiting so they can load more quickly, can customize according to your preferences whenever you are going to view them again. The problem is that these same internet history files leave a telltale trail about your activities online that you might not want other people to know about.

The Third Party Tracking

For personal gain or not, collecting the personal information of a user is never right. Information such as age, name, number, dietary habits....and the list goes on and on.

The tracking is to make users believe that you are safe but then disguising us in some way or another that we are not. After all, we all know how big social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp are taking our information right?

While, from our perspective we cannot or have limited insights still on how the third-party tracking really works, we can still observe the ill effects it brings us and that is data protection.

Now you can delete this all by yourself, but deleting internet history files manually by hand one-by-one can be a bit of a daunting task, especially when we are so high on productivity every day and we do not have the time to spare additionally, it is also just so easy to unintentionally leave files behind online that could be a lingering grave threat to your privacy.

Some internet browsers don’t even include the tools to delete some of these files and most of these do not address your computer performance/usage history which is automatically tied to your daily internet use. Nevertheless, you could still end up with a trail of big evidence left-right, and everywhere on your computer for any creepy person to discover at any time for his gain

What Is The Recommended Best Way Of Deleting History?

There are many software applications and other security products available in the market to help us clear our web history. Google itself gives the way to delete it, but it is of course a manual way, and we are just going to forget to clear it every day.

These software products for deleting online trails come in handy here such as IGS Cleaner an innovative product of securing computing technology. The Computer Cleaner Software is effectively designed to delete internet history including your trails that we leave behind including Internet cache files, temporary files on the desktop, junk removal, and more. So download and protect your internet privacy today.