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How to protect an online account from the potential attack?

How to protect an online account from the potential attack?

  • 31st May, 2020
  • IGS Cleaner

Rapid advancement in technology has seen the people becoming more dependent on digital devices to perform their daily work online. A user of technology has so many accounts on different digital platforms to make sure that most aspects of life get a bit easier. Using the connections on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, Reddit, and other accounts have become essential to build reliable online relationships as well as working as a professional. Although, some negatives come with the technology alongside its long list of positive things. Security is the biggest concern while accessing the online accounts using the digital device whether its computer, phone, tablet, or laptop. This is because every account that has been created online is quite vulnerable to an attack.

The hackers tend to use social engineering tactics like spam, plug-ins, ad pop-up, unsolicited links, and emails to target many users at once. Those not having stronger login credentials tend to get their online account compromised. That’s why it is a must for a user to download and install a top computer cleaning software from IGS Cleaner to make sure that the security of the accounts accessed on the digital device stays intact. Authentication factors are a key basis on which the security of digital devices is determined. Single-factor authentication has only the login credentials availability that tends to be good only for a certain time-frame until the passwords are kept on being changed regularly. Meanwhile, the two-factor authentication is the latest answer by the technological giants to combat the threat of the hackers compromising the data of many online accounts at once. It has all the necessary features to secure online accounts like the highest security, great productivity, better flexibility, and lesser expenses in comparison to its predecessor technology.

Process of using the Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is a process in which the user of a digital device gets the authentication factors only after installing the authenticator app. Once the user logs onto their online account on the website or an app after typing their login credentials, they get a link or a code either emailed or texted to them. As the user initiates the process of the two-factor authentication as specified on the link or code, they get to access the online account securely. Code either is a number or a QR scan that is already saved on the authenticator app.
Computer optimizer is an important part of securing the online account as per the two-factor authentication. Authenticator apps are quite famous like Authy, Microsoft Authenticator, Google Authenticator, HDE OTP, and Lastpass Authenticator. Authentication factors are divided into three types as per the link or code. Knowledge factor involves only the login credentials so it is a part of single-factor authentication. The possession factor is all about the link or code along with the login credentials. The inherence factor has the features of the first two types as well as biometrics like fingerprints, facial scans, voice recognition, or speech patterns, etc.


In this world of digital technology, securing the online account is a paramount need for any user. Two-factor authentication has taken the security of accounts to a whole new level. Digital devices are better with the use of the best PC tuneup software from IGS Cleaner as it also bolsters the integrity of the accounts on different platforms online even more. In all, the online accounts can be accessed with so much ease and efficiency without any worry of the potential attack until the authentication factors are working fine.