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How to protect the files and folders in the Windows operating system?

How to protect the files and folders in the Windows operating system?

  • 10th May, 2020
  • IGS Cleaner

Windows is a widely popular and most used operating system on PCs, laptops, mobiles, and tablets in the world. Microsoft launched the Windows on November 20, 1985, as a graphical operating system shell for MS-DOS just as the Graphical User Interface (GUI) took off. Currently, Windows is a group of several proprietary graphical operating system families. Microsoft Windows, also known as Windows has dominated the landscape of PCs with a share of over 90%.

With so many users availing this operating system platform, it is expected that the security measures for Windows are up to the mark. Although this is not the case the traditional password of the Windows can be cracked very easily. Some users of the Windows tend to think that setting up a password is enough for securing the PC but this is most certainly not the case. It's because the hackers with limited amounts of knowhow can compromise the Windows operating system either online or offline. The online hack happens on the internet, meanwhile, the offline hack happens with a technical software that is burned onto the PC with a USB drive or a CD in particular. In terms of the files and folders, there is no data integrity once someone has access to the PC. They can remove the hard disk drive from your PC and insert it onto their PC to get the data. Also, they can plug a bootable device in your PC to get hold of all your data in the files and folders. For that reason, a user of the Windows operating system must install the best system optimizer software called the IGS Cleaner to safeguard the files and folders in the PC from a potential hack. This is one of the third-party software installations with a password protection option. Encryption is another process to safeguard the files and folders in a PC.

Third-party software for password protection

It is a well-known understanding that protecting the data is the most important thing that a user can do on the Windows operating system. Files and folders are secured with the password and it is thought of as locking a precious thing in a safe. To unlock this for further access is all about a key or password. Without it, a file or folder cannot be read, altered, or deleted from the PC. Third-party software installed on the Windows PC allows a user to ensure that their data is secure from any attack or threat of any kind. This software gives a strong password that is harder to crack for a hacker. Names of the third-party software for password protection are Microsoft Intune, PowerShell, File Protect System, and Quick File Locker, etc.

Encrypting the files and folders

Encryption of data is a process having the files and folders converted into code as part of the encoding. After this, the user must have the key or a password to access the data by decrypting it as a part of decoding. This is one of the most secure ways to protect the files and folders from any potential hack or attack. Encrypted data is known as the ciphertext accessible to the authorized user, meanwhile, the normal data is known as the plain text that can be read by anyone. Some of the top encryption software for the Windows operating system are 7-Zip, BitLocker, AxCrypt, and DiskCryptor, etc.


With that, the users must put in certain checks and balances to secure the files and folders of the PC. Data integrity is of the biggest importance which happens with the use of third-party software for password protection and encrypting the files and folders. Without it, there is no security of the data from getting compromised by the hackers. IGS Cleaner is the secure PC cleaner that helps you in securing your files and folders on the Windows operating system. In all, security is the very basis of using any technology on the internet or otherwise.