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Know Everything About Smishing & The Ways to Protect Yourself

Know Everything About Smishing & The Ways to Protect Yourself

  • 27th Apr, 2020
  • IGS Cleaner

Smishing is a form of phishing where some hacker tries to get your private information through text messages or SMS. It is also an emerging and rapidly increasing threat in the online security of a person. Providing your private information to someone is like giving them access to your bank account. It’s not much distinct than phishing as the only difference between both of them is that source of phishing is email while the source of smishing is SMS or texting. Relax don’t dive in despair as there are ways to protect yourself from them that the team of IGS - PC Cleaner Optimizer will be discussing here.

Psychology Behind Smishing

By now almost everyone has encountered scams that occur through phishing so they are more careful about an anonymous email that they have received and have also learned the Importance of PC Cleaner and that’s why they have also installed securing and optimizing software like IGS Cleaner. However, they are less likely to doubt the validity of the SMS message which makes smishing more threatening than phishing through email. Usually, people tend to think that the SMS that has arrived on their number is safer which is not at all good for their security.

Smishers rely upon your fast response towards the messages because they are almost identical to the message that you would receive from your banks or shopping sites. Information that the smishers would be into can vary from bank account details to social account security number to credit card CVV number. Once your information is shared with them they will start applying for new credit according and that’s where the problem will actually start.

The easiest way of smishing you is by manipulating your mind with an SMS having a message that says REPLY NOW or URGENT. As you think that the message is received from your bank or loan provider you will immediately click the link and that can turn out to be the biggest mistake that you have made. The less you will think while moving ahead with the procedure the better for the scammers.

Some of you would have already received a message that offers amazing offers from shopping sites like Flipkart or Amazon. When you will click the link on that SMS, you will see the site that looks similar to Amazon or Flipkart and would ask for 1 or 2 INR to avail that offer. However, once you provide the details all of them will be stored which they can use in the future for any to every purpose.

How To Protect Yourself From Smishing

Just like you get alert with every email, you should switch on your mind’s guard mode every time you receive a message from an anonymous number. Moreover, the standard tips that are used to deal with phishing can also be used to avoid Smishing. Some of the tips that you can follow are listed below.

  • Always keep in mind to check the source of the message. For example, if you were receiving a message from your bank or shopping site from a specific number and you get a new message from that number then that is real. However, if you receive a message from a number that is a bit similar to that but is have a text that seems suspicious to you then make sure to cross-check it as scammers can fake the number as well.
  • If somehow you have opened the link shared by the potential scammer, then avoid feeding any information that is asked from you. Instead, go to the original and trusted link of the authorized company which it is pretending to be and contact their customer support they will let you know about the legitimacy of the message you have received.
  • Be cautious about anything skeptical. For instance that you have received a new message from an unknown number specifying your delivery which you never placed an order for, then there are 99% chances of it being fake. We recommend you to neglect to click on those links as they might contain potential threats to your security.
  • Never trust any message from a new number with strange texts. The scammer might claim to be a reputed business company or can send a message to you stating, “ Hey! This is your friend or wife, I just bought a new phone - share your credit card info it’s urgent?” In such cases, it’s better that you contact that person or company directly and confirm if you are being tricked or not.
  • Keep an eye on things that seem too good to be true such as free prizes or rewards for which you somehow need your credit or debit card number.
  • Never ever install or download an app through the link shared from that message as it can be a malware.
  • Now, you know what is smishing and how it can be prevented. Besides, if you want to keep your PC & phone clean as well as safe from the threats like viruses, malware, scams then we suggest you download IGS Multifunctional PC Cleaner that would protect you from such situations far more easily.

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