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Protect Your Device Against Ransomware

Protect Your Device Against Ransomware

  • 11th Feb, 2022
  • IGS Cleaner

An encryption Trojan or ransomware can encrypt your data or lock your operating system if it gets onto your computer. A ransomware program demands a ransom as soon as it takes control of a "digital hostage", such as a file. Preparing for a locked laptop or an encrypted file reduces the chances of finding yourself in this situation. Using security software and paying enough attention can significantly reduce the chances of infection. It is possible to prevent the possibility of paying huge sums for the release of your data by using anti-ransomware. There are various ways in which ransomware can be spread, such as through insecure and fraudulent websites, software downloads, and spam emails. Individuals and companies alike are at risk from ransomware.

Prevention From Ransomware

Do not disclose your personal information - Try to avoid disclosing your personal information when you are getting calls or text messages from unknown sources. In preparation for a ransomware attack, cybercriminals may collect personal information that can be used to create customized phishing messages. If you have any doubts about the legitimacy of the message, contact the sender directly.

Avoid clicking unsafe links - Never click on the links from unknown and unsafe websites. An automatic download could start if you click on malicious links, which could lead to an infection on your computer.

Never use unknown USB sticks - If you do not know where USB sticks came from, do not connect them to your computer. The storage medium may have been infected by cybercriminals and placed in a public place to lure somebody into using it.

Not to open suspicious email attachments - Email attachments can also be used to deliver ransomware to your device. Do not open any attachments that look suspicious. Check the sender's address and the sender's name to ensure the email is trustworthy. Don't open attachments requiring you to run macros. By opening the attachment, a malicious macro will run that takes control of your computer if the attachment is infected.

Try to use VPN services on public Wi-Fi networks - Ransomware can be prevented by prudently using public Wi-Fi networks. Your computer is more vulnerable to attacks when using a public Wi-Fi network. Avoid using public WiFi for sensitive transactions to stay protected or use VPN services.

Never use unknown downloaded sources - Use only known & safe sources to download media files or software to minimize the risk of downloading Ransomware. Always use trustworthy and verified sites for downloads.

Periodically restart your computer - Restart your computer at least once a week to avoid Ransomware attacks. It helps your system to run better and make sure that your operating system is updated.

Tips For Protection


An everyday backup will help you out on the safer side when a virus attacks your data or when your data is destroyed by ransomware. Your data backup should be on the cloud or some offline storage device that is not directly connected with your computer as the ransomware first infiltrates your backup through your desktop first.

Install an Anti-Virus

Installing Antivirus software is vital to protect your system from Ransomware. There are hundreds of software in the market but none of them can guarantee you 100% safety, but certainly, they will protect your computer from harmful attacks.

Consider Cloud Technologies

The advantage of cloud-based architectures is that vulnerabilities are more difficult to exploit than those that exist in on-premise systems. Apart from this, it helps in restoring your old files. This cloud storage will help you in returning to an unencrypted version.

To protect your device from other forms of Malware, careful actions and excellent software for security are required. When it comes to combating Ransomware, the creation of backup, using cloud technologies, and using a pc cleaner will help you out.

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