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Slow Computer? Follow These Fixes

Slow Computer? Follow These Fixes

  • 16th July, 2021
  • IGS Cleaner

Is your computer slowing down? Are you spending lots of money on experts to repair your slow computer? Then we believe this is the right place for you. Just scroll down and follow these few simple tips, and you will not need to abide by your slow computer performance anymore.

First things first, To repair your slow computer perfectly, you had better identify the specific reasons causing the computer speed problems.

Here are most of the reasons which are probably causing your computer to slow down:

1. Are there any malware files on your computer? Virus, spyware, and trojan are those programs that collect usernames, passwords and put your highly personal/confidential information at risk. Thereby affecting your PC’s overall performance and slowing it down.

2. How much RAM does your computer have? Because lack of RAM also is the greatest reason behind the sluggish computer performance. Know that If your PC RAM is very low, it would keep freezing, and no response will come when you try to run bigger programs.

3. Several Files saved on the desktop also hammers down the computer performance. The shortcuts, media files, would take quite a lot of memory resulting in your computer to runs slowly.

4. The slow-running PC issue is also caused by the corrupted fragments in the system disk,

5. But when the registry is corrupt, it will not only slow down your PC but also would crash the system eventually. Meaning these small problems can lead to much greater issues if not solved asap.

So How to take care of a sluggish computer?

Method 1. The most important is that you need to install an anti-virus program to protect your slow computer as soon as possible. In the daily use of the computer, do not open suspicious files or emails. Sometimes, a good anti-virus problem can help you repair the slow-running computer without much hassle.

Method 2. Increase the size of the memory. As we are always low on space, so increasing RAM memory will repair the computer’s slow speed problems immediately.

Method 3. To repair slower PC performance, you also need to keep the desktop clean. Remove those useless shortcuts, unnecessary files on the desktop.

Method 4. Check disk defragment regularly to fix your slow computer. For this, you can use the Windows Disk Defragment Program to clean up the fragments. To do this, please: Click Start then in the Run dialog box type in dfrg.msc to launch the automatic troubleshooting of defragmenting. At last, click Analyze and Defragment button after it shows you the analysis report.

Method 5. This is also a crucial task, repair registry errors to speed your computer up. When we use our computer the registry keeps growing up. When the registry becomes very large, your computer performance will slow down and become and unstable. Clean it thoroughly and you will see the speed back up.

Now, these are the best methods, but some computer users even spend a lot of time trying to go through the computer files and edit them manually. Not only can this can be a daunting task, for some but it is also a risky one. But do not worry when the Best PC Cleaner, IGS Cleaner is with you, who offers every troubleshooting solution for every slow-down PC concern.