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Social Media, its Scams, and the ways to avoid it!

Social Media, its Scams, and the ways to avoid it!

  • 24th June, 2020
  • IGS Cleaner

The world of technology has made life easier for people with real-time communication on the internet. Social media is known as the platform accessible on digital devices that allows people to share their content, photos, songs, videos, and so much more to others. This platform can be used anywhere in the world with decent internet connectivity. Social media helps a person with limited resources to showcase their unique ability and skill to a mass audience for getting famous. Also, this is a platform for people to showcase their feelings, share their opinion, stay updated about the latest news, and get entertained at the same time.

Estimated users of social media are not in millions but around 3.8 billion and counting. This is just about half the population of the world on different social media platforms. Talking about the active users, Facebook has over 2.6 billion, YouTube has over 2 billion users, WhatsApp has 1.6 billion, Instagram has over 1 billion, Twitter has over 330 million users, and LinkedIn has over 303 million users. These are astronomical numbers that make social media one of the most if not the most important part of the technological evolution for the people in this world. The Internet has so many scammers looking to prey on the vulnerable user who doesn’t access it with the top-class security measures in place. They use spam, plug-ins, pop-up windows, unsolicited links, and emails. They aim to get the identity as well as the financial details for selling it on the dark web or ask for a ransom of any kind. With that, social media users have to ensure that they have the best computer cleaning software from IGS Cleaner downloaded and installed on their PC to ensure that they can protect it from the scammers every time. Some of the social media that a user has to stay aware of are as under:

Social Media Scams

Scammers use the social phishing scam the most on social media. It involves doing the direct message to the targeted user on their social media account while showcasing the emotional feeling. Once the scammer has the user vulnerable, then they give them the option to avail a service that consists of a malicious link or redirect to a phony website for stealing their personal information. Jobs are the most precious thing for the younger generation to earn their daily expenses. The scammers give them the option of the job on social media with a text message, e-mail, or representative call while asking for upfront money to successfully avail that offer. If the user accepts the fraud offer of a job scam, then they pay that money to the scammer and end up losing it too for a further loss.

It is all about trending news, celebrity info, audio, and video sent on a link by the scammer on social media as part of the clickbait scam. Once the user clicks on the link, then they generally have to sign up to a service, install software, allow app access, or share personal details to an unknown screen, etc. If they perform any of these tasks then they get compromised in terms of their login credentials. The scammers do the charity scam with the creation of a charity website. On this website, they ask for donations for helping out people suffering from natural or man-made disasters with the use of social media platforms from unsuspected users. With the emotions at its all-time high for the suffering people, they tend to pay a lot of money to these scammers.

Ways to avoid the Social Media Scams

  • Two-Factor Authentication - One of the best ways to avoid social media scams is to implement the two-factor authentication with the best PC cleaning software. It allows the user to secure their social media account from any potential hacker attack.
  • Share limited information - Social media is an open platform for everyone to see on most accounts that a user makes. So it is essential that the users share limited identity or financial information that can’t be used by a scammer against you.
  • Being doubtful is good - Generally, doubting is looked down upon in terms of growing a meaningful relationship, but on social media, this is not the case. It's because social media has lots of unknown people trying to scam you for your personal information.
  • Stay vigilant at all times - A social media user has to stay vigilant at all times because there are lots of scammers looking to do you real harm. If you have the awareness about their tactics then you can combat them on social media quite successfully.

So it can be said that social media scams are a real menace for its users for a very long time. That’s why it is a must for social media users to use software like the IGS Cleaner to safeguard and protect all their accounts on different platforms. This software has the benefits of PC support for the user to optimize the digital device in its entirety. In all, this cleaner software ensures that you can use all your social media without any hassle or security issue of any kind.