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Top Security Threats: Small Business Must Know About

Top Security Threats: Small Business Must Know About

  • 26th Apr, 2020
  • IGS Cleaner

The primary element that we all are concerned about is the security of our network and devices. Moreover, with the digitalization of the era, it has been founded in research that an average Internet user spends approximately 6 hours and 43 minutes in a day staying online. Needless to say, that means most people spend 40% of their waking hours on the internet. And during that time period, no one actually pays attention to the security of their devices. After all, according to them, there is no fun in playing safely while you are using Instagram, Facebook, or E-mail systems when you are getting wonderful offers on products and services through ads. It’s not even convenient to stop and check the link or attachment in the email before opening. And lastly, who has got so much time to read those boring terms and conditions before accepting them.

But what you need to remember is these small things can affect your small business to a higher extent and become threats. Even something as small as email attachments or links can lead to data breach and cause severe consequences from brand damage to lost customers, decreased revenue, or increased expenses. But if you are aware and have the knowledge then it would become easy to implement prevention measures and take action on time. That’s why being the Best PC Cleaner Software provider, we will inform you about the biggest security concerns so that you can take preventive measures against cyberbullies & cyber threats while preventing yourself from the business fall out.

Major Security Threats for Your Business

  • 1. Identity Fraud
    Identity fraud is also known as Identity Theft, is when someone pretends to be you and uses all your personal information such as your date of birth or social security number. Besides, the internet has made collecting data easier than it was ever before. Majorly, identity fraud is done in order to gain financial advantages from the victim through their credit card, bank account, or loan account information.
  • 2. Crypto Jacking
    Cryptojacking is the unauthorized use of your computer’s CPU by any other entity in order to mine your Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies. It can be done by sharing some attachments or links that contain malicious code that mines your coins. These crypto-jacking attacks are very meticulous and usually goes unnoticed for a long time. The crypto-jacking attacks are not after your data but are still harmful to your CPU resource and can kill your computer more swiftly than any regular use would. Although as mentioned earlier it is hard to detect crypto-jacking, if you see some changes in your computer than it could be due to crypto-jacking.
  • 3. Social Media Scams
    Everyone loves social media unless they have gone through some serious scams through it. Social Media platforms like Instagram, Linked In, Facebook, etc. are riddled with threatening scams that are intended to help victims but instead take their data and money from them. Be sure to not get scammed from the lottery, profile hacking, gift card, quiz, catfishing, or any other scams. Whenever you come across them act smart and maintain your distance.
  • 4. Ransomware
    Just like the old times, Ransomware is still considered to be the biggest threat to security and data. Moreover, it has become worse than it was in the past. It is a type of malware that encrypt’s the victim’s files and then asks for ransom from them if they want to restore their data. Besides, the cost to get your access back can range from a few hundred to thousands of dollars. To avoid ransomware you need to install antivirus and computer optimizer in your device as well.
  • 5. Phishing
    Phishing takes place through email campaigns and is rising successfully since 2019. These are typically conducted through emails but it is not only limited to that and can ploy through SMS known as smishing and through voice which is called vishing attacks. So you must be extra careful when it comes to email, texts, voice, or attachments as they can transform into cyber threats.
  • 6. Online Shopping
    If you are the one who does a lot of online shopping and hopefully, you stick with reputed brands like Amazon, Flipkart or Walmart instead of drawing to the sites that offer a lower price. While some of the sites are legit but major are not. Every time you do online shopping make sure that the website has https and padlock next to the URL.

Take Responsibility

In today’s digital area, security is everyone’s problem. But the good news is when you know more then you can do more to help yourself and other people that matter to you at the same time. Furthermore, you can install Top Computer Cleaning Software like IGS Cleaner.