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What causes your PC to slow down and what are the preventions

  • 01 Nov, 2018
  • IGS Cleaner

Working on a brand new PC has its own excitement and fun, as every operation runs fast and smooth. However, as time passes your computer working slow or you may encounter many issues. Whatever the reasons may well be, the very fact is that a slow system will cause serious issues. At times, your system may take quite some of minutes to boot! And once it executes some huge operations, it'd simply hang up. In this article, we offered you some useful tips to run your computer smooth and fast.

What are the reasons for Computer slow down?

The PC is a gadget that is contained numerous machine parts, which together contribute towards its working, execution and its performance. When a computer slows and conveys lower performance and execution. There may be software and hardware problems associated with it. Here are some of them:

  • Low RAM:

    Your system is probably going to back off rapidly in the case that you don't have adequate RAM. RAM is the memory utilized by the PC while performing the various tasks.

  • Processor:

    You can't expect that your PC will perform a task in a split second if you are using a low-end processor like Pentium 4. Processors are in charge of the directions given to the system.

  • Junk Files:

    If you are utilizing the web, at that point the temporary records and the treats which get consequently downloaded into your system, have a tendency to slow down the PC

  • Virus:

    This is one of the most widely recognized issues with regards to slowing down your computer. If your system is influenced by infections or malware, at that point it is going to slow down regardless of the way that you have adequate RAM and a top of the line processor. These are the absolute most regular reasons; nonetheless, there are different reasons that slow down your PC like an unreasonable measure of use or a large number of things in the startup and many more.

  • Here are a few tips which would enable speeding to up your PC:

  • Increase the RAM:

    Add more RAM to your system. An expanded RAM would make sure speedy handling power

  • Clean the junk files:

    Make beyond any doubt that you cleared the unwanted documents all the time by the day's end work

  • Antivirus:

    You should expel viruses from your system. For this, ensure you have great antivirus software introduced in your PC

  • PC Cleaner:

    Have a PC Cleaner for your computer, you can go for IGS Cleaner which has all ideal features to enhance your computer performance and sort out the PC errors.

  • Clear the Startup:

    If you have an excessive number of things recorded in the startup, at that point your system will undoubtedly get slow. Dismiss the pointless ones by utilizing the "msconfig" direction.

Try to keep your system free from unwanted documents and applications, however, much as could reasonably be expected and ensure that you have very little of interactive media records put away in your system and in the meantime ensure that there is no application running at the foundation.