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Who are the Black Hat Hackers? How can we protect our PC from them?

Who are the Black Hat Hackers? How can we protect our PC from them?

  • 12th Dec, 2020
  • IGS Cleaner

Hackers are a group of people formed to penetrate inside computers data in attempt to accessing the said computers information with or without the authorization from the other party.

There are mainly two types of Hackers in the Tech world- White Hat, Grey and The Black Hat Hackers. There are more like Gray Hats the crackers the Script Kiddies but the vast distinction falls under two categories i.e., Black Hat and the White Hat.

Black Hat vs. White Hat

The monotone colored Hat Hackers idea first came from the western movies where the ‘good guy’ in town wears White cowboy hat and fight back against the malicious people and the ‘bad guy’ wears the black one who steals and always conducts the villainous crimes. That idea gave the spirit into the computer world too, which helps now to- identify computer crimes by using these terms.

A white Hat Hacker (also known as the ethical hacker) is someone who is given authorization by the system owner to attack the system legally using conventional methods. On the other hand, the Black Hatters are the group of hackers that does not have any necessary information.

Who are Black Hat Hackers?

Black Hats’ known as someone in the computer world who are responsible for illegally stealing and destroying data without the person’s knowledge. They work entirely with a motive of personal gain. When arrested as a black hatter can serve sentence in jails for longest time. They are the greatest fears in public known for mischief and notoriety in stealing important information from the computer networks.

There are many criminals in the Black Hat Hackers community the history has known and feared, one which was known as Jonathan James who was a 16 year old, first juvenile imprisoned, Black Hat Hacker accused of Hacking into the systems of high profile organizations like NASA and even the Ministry Of Defence, stealing information worth $1.75 Million. Another FBI’s Most Wanted Criminal, an Iranian based Black Hatter was Behzad Mesri known for stealing footages and allegedly lifting scripts of HBO’s popular show ‘Game Of Thrones’ ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ and some unaired shows.

What Do They Do?

Black Hat Hackers penetrate into the system to steal information, hi-jacking networks, stealing passwords, taking credit- card numbers etc. They also produce harmful malwares to attack the computer networks.

Black Hats are skilled in their job and work for big crime organizations and selling malicious software on the Dark Web (hidden part of internet that only is accessible through special browsers).

They misuse myriad of software and techniques to break into the systems:

  • Using SQL - encrypted codes through Structured Query Language (SQL) and manipulating data, hacking becomes easier when coding can be manipulated and making databases tricked. A special type of website interface is used to penetrate and hack into the databases and ensuring a good cyber attack.
  • Using Key-logger software – Key-logger software is used to track and record the data pressed on a keyboard, looks absolutely harmless but to a Black Hatter it is a Robin’s Egg, as they can get access to credit-card information, email id’s, email logins, passwords, usernames, etc. Key-logger is a best way to intercept anyone’s data typed in through the keyboard.

How to Protect Our PC from Black Hat Hackers

  • Make Your Passwords Long
    Do not give Black Hatter or any type of malicious hacker the chance to get through your Password. Never use personal information such as birth name, date, phone no. etc. Also keep changing your password regularly on a monthly basis. Passwords are the key to your personal Information, make it long & make it secure using minimum 12 characters.
  • Know Your Login History
    Know the sites you are logging to, because they are many sites on the internet now available that can take you to malicious malware sites and hack into your computer.
  • Don’t Download Software From Unknown
    A hacker can send a pop-up ad to your computers through these websites, Avoid visiting and downloading software from unrecognized website.
  • Install Good PC Cleaning Software
    Install the best PC cleaners to your systems such as IGS Cleaner which is a Multifunctional PC Cleaner software helpful in protecting your privacy and such potential hackers.