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Beware Of These New Online Scams In 2021

Beware Of These New Online Scams In 2021

  • 19th Apr, 2021
  • IGS Cleaner

Now that pandemic has spiraled again in full force, the new types of online scams have emerged from their graves to affect our personal lives. Some of them are variants of past scams and others are newly created nuisances. Be it the courier deliveries or the travel, we aren’t safe from these and must have the knowledge to protect ourselves from these scams.

Fake Delivery Scam

A new type of online delivery scam is here in which, users get a fake delivery message or call claiming that they have a pending delivery or service with the company.

The message could come from the past too, saying we couldn’t deliver at times of lockdown so we are bringing it now, but in order to do so, the recipient must give his/her “personal details” to verify that the product belongs to you.

The catch here however is that - the moment you click on the link your information and all the banking details will get stolen. Or you may get directed to the third-party malicious website, where you’ll get virus/spyware injected onto your systems.

For example- The fake message could read “ Hi Rajesh your Amazon package of ID 701-9923802-8100457 is waiting for you to set the delivery preferences” upon clicking you will get directed where you have to enter banking details, and from there, the stealing of data, money, information will start just like any classic Phishing attack.

Vaccination Scam

As vaccines are beginning to roll out in every country and are a needful thing among so many people, Vaccination scams are already a big target for scams in the year 2021. Scammers are pretending to be healthcare providers and reaching out to people for getting money for these services. In some countries,

The demand for vaccines is so high that it makes it easier to believe these types of vaccination scams.

Employment Scams

As so many of the people are on the lookout for jobs after the post-lockdown, scammers have seen this as a lucrative opportunity to make use of it. So far there are not many original cases in the media about Employment scams, however, they do exists on websites with a fake name and details, sometimes scam companies can also register on the websites like Naukri and ask for an advance fee and information in order for further proceedings to take place.

Travel Scam

Phony versions of these travel sites-- as well as these party websites try to trick people into processing your fee or identity information. By disguising the essential information as “processing the paperwork”, the Travel Scams comes into place.

There are many types of Travel scams that people can fall into. From free tickets to an amusement park, free flight confirmation tickets to Craiglist and AirBnB scams, the motives of stealing have only become higher in nature.

Travel scams can range through a Facebook page of travel can also dupe you into this scam. They will have a photo, a branding, 2-3 post of their fake advertisements to make you believe that it is an official website of some company.

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The real version of the website is made so thorough that you may not realize it until much later. Being vigilant about these scams is the first key to ensure that you will not fall for these malicious websites


Quick Tips:

As the old saying goes: if it’s too old to be true then it is probably true.

  • If you are expecting late deliveries then track your packages from the official websites.
  • You should look out for fake telltale fake misspellings on the website or the texts/emails that are asking for your personal information or banking details.
  • Be wary of the websites that are supposedly providing jobs and asking for the initial payment.
  • Remember that a secure link always starts with “https:// and a lock beside it. Double-check the URLS’ that you have received via email or text and from the places that are looking sketchy.

Lastly, beware of the websites and keep your Anti-virus ON all the time, install IGS Cleaner Computer Cleaner Software and keep your internet trails hidden always.