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How Important Is Computer Security In The Age Of Pandemic?

How Important Is Computer Security In The Age Of Pandemic?

  • 13th July, 2021
  • IGS Cleaner

Online or offline,

The unfortunate event of the global health emergency took every single sector in its shadow to experience the shockwaves till now and Cybersecurity was a major part of it.

Many people had to work from home, choose medicine online, learn through distance learning or online classes. These events led everyone towards computers, the Internet, firewalls, cameras, and a downloading stream of endless amounts of applications and files. Requirements were going online through zoom programs and calling, digital payments, data sharing over the cloud platforms.

Why Do We Need Cybersecurity More Than Ever?

We are not talking about online data security as much but we should as the personal sharing of details in the health sector has grown more than ever. In addition, the changes in the work environment and the lack of security devices have given the hackers a fruitful chance to glean the most out of the situation.

The lack of misinformation and stealing of crucial data from the healthcare sector can cause havoc far greater than the pandemic itself, adding to the already aching communities from the devastating virus.

The Concerns For Privacy In Organizations

The employees/workers around the world were not ready when the pandemic hit and people were forced to work from home and install different kinds of privacy protection like antivirus into their home systems. The situation may be better however, the question still lingers in people’s minds if “my data online will be protected or not”?

In fact, according to Norton security survey 4 out of 5 people have raised concerns about putting their confidential data into cloud-based platforms.

Privacy During Work-At-Home

Data is being gathered every day from our daily usage of the internet in the form of emails, social media, and banking, especially during the era when going online was the only option be it purchasing or work from home. This has floored the way for privacy to be one of the top subject matter for several companies.

A survey conducted among top organizations showed that data privacy has become one of their top requirements apart from assessing and managing risk from the by the other platforms. It is evident from the level of ransomware, data phishing attacks too.

According to about 75% of organizations around the world experience phishing and 96% of them were by emails. It was further validated by the FBI’s survey too, according to them it was the most common cybercrime in the year 2020 with 241,324 incidents recorded.

With that kind of number, it was inevitable for the organizations to become increasingly aware and to invest more in privacy issues.

More The Privacy More Will Be The Profits

Data privacy, Antivirus software, Firewalls are some of the best tools that have become increasingly popular among companies and organizations dealing with different sectors.

Over two-thirds of companies have experienced higher profits, reduced cyber attacks lesser sales delays, and more innovation due to strong privacy protection. This in turn leads the way to customer and stakeholder loyalty.


The days of believing privacy from a mere compliance aspect have departed. Greatly pushed into the spotlight by the pandemic, cybersecurity has now emerged as a significant aspect for management, workers, businesses, employees, and customers of every type. This prompts companies to select only the best anti-viral software and optimization software for their company.

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