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How To Be A Smart Online Shopper

How To Be A Smart Online Shopper

  • 28th May, 2021
  • IGS Cleaner

The world has changed dramatically since the pandemic and to say that e-Commerce has seen changes would be an understatement. As the demand for online shopping has increased so did the countless number of websites and online stores popping every day.

So with the advent of all this increase, an individual cannot be so sure that the company they are buying from will not take shape of some elaborately planned scam to them.

According to Bazaar voice, 62% of US shoppers say that they are shopping online now than they did before.

Below are a few simple things to look out for and ask yourself to have a safe online shopping experience:

Has The Website Included Their Contact Details?

Can you actually call, email, and talk to someone about a product or your order in any way. An email address also provides some kind of anonymity as you do not know who you are talking to or where they are located. Telephone numbers however are a much better personal way of contacting someone to discuss any issues. But they at least involve some kind of contact information to their shopping website.

Is The Business Located In Your Country?

Unless it is a big brand like Amazon or Balenciaga, dealing with a business located in the same country as yours’ means that you will be protected by your Countries' consumer protection laws. It also makes contacting them about the delivery of your order easier, and returning/exchanging items will be far much less than complicated.

Is The Shopping Website SSL Secured?

If the website demands login and you are required to enter your personal information such as Name, Age, Address, Credit Card Bank details, etc. then you should make sure that the web page you are shopping from is SSL secured. If so then any information entered is encrypted before being transmitted and hence will remain safe from hackers. Your browser will always display an icon of a padlock if the website page is SSL Secured.

Can You Trust The Brand? Is It Newly Established?

Bad businesses don't always last that long in the market as news of poor service or bad quality goods spreads quickly among us shoppers. So if the business has been set up established for many years then they must be doing something right. To be perfectly sure though make a quick search online about the brand, this will indicate how long a business is been running or has been established.

Money-Back or Return Policy

Clothing shops mostly have a money-back or x days returnable policy. Check if it has any money-back guarantee policy from the seller or if the products are replaceable after delivery.

Get Some Searching Done About The Brand/Website

Same as above, there are many of the websites on the Internet that keep a record of customer complaints and problems and the others that may have reported to them about fewer websites. A quick search for companies on Google like - name + scam can reveal if there is a bad history attached with others.

Be Wary Of The Website And Always Set A Good Password

Changing password regularly is the key to remain always safe online. Also do not use the same passwords across multiple websites. Additionally, also take care of what payment app or bank you are connecting the website to. The reputable retailer will never ask you to enter the information on the email or via pop-ups on the screen.


Take some time to look into the details of the website before you hand over any personal details or any amount of money. A quick search about the website online will soon provide results as to the validity of the company. If you are still not sure about the company brand or its products, contact them (preferably via phone) to talk to someone from their service and have your important questions answered.

These are some of the things one should always keep in mind while buying any product online. Another thing is to always delete your privacy and online trails that we always leave behind every time we visit a website. Users must invest in IGS Cleaner software if they want frequent security that will delete online trails unnecessary files and file fragments from the system on its own. The efficient PC Cleaning Software, having all ideal features to get you protected from harm while keeping a smoother and faster-performing computer.