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How to completely clean your hard disk?

  • 11th Mar, 2019
  • IGS Cleaner

Got bored of using the same computer from the years? Thinking to sell it out and get the new one! Not a bad idea, but before selling your PC to a stranger make sure you have completely wiped out your hard disk because it may consist some of your confidential data and information. Going through this blog you will get to know how you can completely clean up your hard disk.

Take the back up of your hard disk

While you wipe your computer’s hard drive or do a factory reset, make sure to backup all your data. You can back up your data regularly and it is one of the smart ways to keep your data safe and secure. Because sometimes hard disk gets crash, lost or corrupted by ransom ware software. So, it is the best way to protect your data and keep it safe. The other way to backup your data on USB flash and drives. However, these are mediums having less space and cannot store all of your data. In this case, external hard drives can be a better option for large storage.

“Cloud backs” are the alternatively best option, as they are also a safe one and reliable one to store data.

Don’t just delete files from the computer

You may think moving your files to the junk or recycle bin and discharging it will work. Possibly not. This activity seems to erase the records, however frequently abandons them where they were, escaped see. Most data can be recover by using the recovering the programs. Here's the reason. When you empty files from the trash or recycle bin, the document name or the reference to the erased document is eradicated. The PC can never again see the record.

This implies the space the document took up on the PC or PC is never again held for that record. However, the record is still in the hard drive. It will remain in the hard drive until its area is surrendered for another record to be put away in that precise area. Data recovering software is equipped for remaking the document header. This makes it feasible for the PC to see the record once more.

Use a program to wipe your drive

Special programming software can for all time delete your hard drive. There's little possibility you can recover any information. Essentially, nobody else will almost certainly use information recovery program to recoup your records. Most software runs a low-level organization that overwrites all the erased records with zeros and other vast information. This makes it inconceivable for information recuperation programming to recoup the records.

Physically wipe your hard drive

In case that you need to make twofold assurance your hard drive is cleaned or not? You can take extra measures. For example, you can physically wipe the drive. Simply expel your hard drive and take an uncommon earth magnet to it. Another alternative? Physically destroy it with a screwdriver. An uncommon earth magnet, similar to the neodymium magnet, can be utilized to misshape the metal plates in the hard circle. This makes it unusable. One cautioning: The magnets are amazing and can cause physical mischief whenever utilized inaccurately. A more secure strategy may utilize a screwdriver to disassemble the bits of the hard drive to make it useless.

Freshly install the operating system

There's another method to totally rewrite over the entire hard drive. That is by finishing a perfect establishment of the first working framework that accompanied the PC. This can be particularly vital in case you're giving the gadget to somebody like a companion or relative.

The risks of not wiping my hard drive:

As the line between this present reality and digital world hazy spots, it's smart to see how cybercriminals work. A security item can ensures your own PC documents, financial data and your family's devices. In any case, when you dispose of your device without appropriately cleaning the hard drive, you risk losing your information. Cybercriminals esteem your own information, for example, your email address, passwords, Social Security number; drivers permit subtleties, and credit card data. They could sell the data on the dim web. Cybercriminals can purchase the data and dispatch cyber attacks to carry out different sorts of violations like fraud and blackmail. They could open financial account in your name, buy things with your credit card data, or take out advances and default on them, abandoning you with the results. If the hard drive wasn't cleaned off, cybercriminals could recover this data to extort the owner of the content.