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How to keep your new Computer Health

How to keep your new Computer Health?

  • 28th Feb, 2019
  • IGS Cleaner

The idea of getting a new device is something that always increases your excitement level, whether it is a new Smartphone, Mac Book, laptop or etc. However, that excitement vanishes after using for a while. But you can keep that alive by taking care of your device and keep your machine healthy and like a new one.

Here in this article, we have offered several tips for keeping your computer or phone operating at peak performance. Going down to the article you will “learn where the maintenance tools are how to use them”. Generally, you can use Disk Cleanup, Disk Checker and Disk Optimizer that is built into Windows and will do an adequate job if run regularly; normally you can schedule Disk optimizer to run once in a week. At a regular interval, you should also clear your temporary internet files and browsing history. Check for the add-ons and browser extensions and remove unused and unnecessary file & items.

The other way to keep your device healthy and like a new one is to avoid clicking on the web pages that popup ads and show threatening warnings. Try not to click simply click on the “X” to close them, use the Task Manager or shut down the PC completely. You must have a PC optimizer to keep your computer upgraded and keep the internal fans and vents clean; use compressed air after a couple of months.

Avoid installing apps from unknown sources and be careful what permission you grant on your devices. Usually, what many people make mistakes that can threaten the health of your device is assuming every message that appears upon a device is a highly technical error message, often, these messages may request a simple user interaction such as password or approval to install a program.

Let's understand it by taking an example: suppose you installing software, you have purchased and you are sure that it is safe and when you receive a popup asking if you want to allow it to run, then you answer wouldn’t be yes. People do exactly opposite of that they blindly click on yes on everything that pops up and follows every mail link they receive, account credentials on unknown sites and engage in another risky behavior. It is suggested that read what the device is telling you and don’t think you won’t able to understand because it is a electronic device. Also, do not call the number or click on popup from websites claiming your PC is infected. They provide you with a number to call for support are scams. But be careful, because companies do not call consumers to help them fix their computer issues. If you are imitating a call for support, always verify who you are calling. Never give out personal information or bank account information.”

If in case, that you got another PC or tablet, shutting the gadget, as a rule, places it into hibernation or rest mode and is just unsafe if the PC is introducing refreshes. In any case, closing the gadget down totally isn't ok for your PC; it is advantageous as it clears temp documents, clears running procedures and enables updates to finish.

"In the event that things are not working accurately on your PC, attempt a restart," This will regularly clear up minor issues. The exemption to this would be on the off chance that you endured a ransom ware infection, your antivirus programming should caution you if this occurs. Restarting after ransomware can counteract recouping information that generally might not have been lost. Additionally, run the disk check and attempt a framework reestablish. These will regularly clear up minor issues. In the event that none of these tips settle your concern, you may need to acquire the machine for fix."

A portion of the signs that an electronic gadget may have been hacked or tainted incorporate moderate execution, an internet browser running out of sight always, sidetracks to various sites, new symbols on the work area and other odd conduct. These issues may likewise be brought about by non-viral malware that incorporates Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs), programming and adware. On the off chance that you can't open any of your documents and have recover messages in each registry; you have been contaminated with ransom ware. This kind of disease should be dealt with by an expert.