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How To Tell If A Website Contains Malware?

How To Tell If A Website Contains Malware?

  • 28th Mar, 2021
  • IGS Cleaner

What Is A Malware?

Malware is a software or program invented by cybercriminals intended to harm or gain access to your computer devices.

They can steal information, encode data, modify and even spy on your computer. Doing all of this without any authorization or permission from you. Hence resulting in a malware-infected website.

The Super Quick Method To Identify Strange Websites


One such thing to look for resides in the URL of a website. A secure website’s URL should begin with “https” rather than an “http”. Because the “s” at the end of “http” stands for security and is therefore using an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) connection. Your information is encrypted before being sent to servers.

NOTE: It doesn’t mean that every website should contain an “https” to be considered secure, the answer is, it depends. If you are just searching for memes or DIY knitting sweaters.. it is fine. But if you are working your bank-related transactions, or transferring funds to someone, then an “https” is a necessary thing to look for.

Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Bing browsers have the same indicators of showing padlock to show that website is secure. If you click these locks they will show you if the “Connection is Secure” or not. Also if the website does not have https, Microsoft will put a small warning signal, if it deems that the website contain security issues.

Steps You Must Take To Assess The Infected Websites

When visiting a website that asks for sensitive information such as credit card numbers or your social security number, the first step you must take to securing your privacy is creating a strong password. Equally important is verifying that any sort of personal information you enter on the sites is being transmitted and stored properly. Also, make sure that the website is encrypted over a secure connection. Other things you must go through:

Look At The Websites Products/Service Page

Many Cybercriminals are smart at developing programs/sites to trick people today. They are well versed in the skills that can endanger the privacy of the people. Especially do not trust the “Logos” of the trustworthy companies, they can be stolen and unauthorized to mislead people into believing the authenticity of the website products or services.

Never Click on Phishy Links

Don’t ever click on the links that come from Emails. These embedded links can harm you and can take you straight to third-party software, so it is recommended to never click on these links, even if they are coming from someone you trust. Always copy-paste the link and search in the tab of your web browser.

Carefully Assess The Website Page

You are seeing something off about the page? The grammar that is not making sense? Or a lot of spelling mistakes? Then it is worth avoiding the page.

Read Website Product/Services Reviews

This is by far a great way to ensure that the website is legible or not. Plus it is always a good idea to run a quick web search on the website to see if anyone has ever reviewed the website's product or service. Let them decide for you if it's faulty. Does it have a one-star review? Or is it badly phrased? Language is a bit robotic? Then it is recommended to avoid it at all costs.

Odds will be that the new website you found that seems untrustworthy will be either badly reviewed or never talked about.

Don’t Download Things That Comes From Shady Websites

When in doubt, this is a great way to avoid scammy websites: Don’t download things that haven’t already been used by other, more professional entities like online reviewers, your favorite vloggers/ websites, et cetera. Just because your friend thinks some weird website puts dumb stuff on your face is worth a download doesn’t mean that you should run to multiple websites and grab it immediately. A little due diligence towards websites can save you a lot of future stress—and will help keep your data private and secure.

Use an Antivirus Protection and a Trustworthy Software

If today you do not have an antivirus or a tool installed on your PC’s chances are that you will get exposed to a website full of malware. But fortunately, there is an Antivirus for us that will keep our PCs protected and mitigate the chances of passing the malware to other Tabs and devices.

Even If you follow through all these pointers, it can’t hurt to install software that can delete your privacy trails and protects your system from being corrupted from time to time. Igs Cleaner is the Best PC Cleaner Software that runs malware scans and will let you know if you are downloading an infected file.

Choose the tool IGS Cleaner that automatically scans for malware while you are browsing and stay safe!