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4 Types Of Malware: Install Best Pc Cleaning Software to Protect Your Data

  • 3rd August, 2021
  • IGS Cleaner

1. Infectious Type Of Programs

In this malware type it features mainly virus and worms in it. These are the more commonly known malware in the systems. When the word virus is used in this day in age. Most people think immediately computer rather than a physiological virus. Viruses and worms will differ in how they operate and distribute themselves.

How does a virus get to spread?

Usually by going through the internet to the via other systems. The virus will replicate and latch itself to an executable file and will proceed to run. Whenever the program is initiated or the disk files are opened.

When did the worm preface?

This computer malware was first seen when the Internet was in its primary stages. The Worm malware will scan many networks looking for those that would be vulnerable, defenseless systems, and then it will copy itself to them. From there, the program will start the method all over again, except it will now use the new network.

Though the two are different in nature, there are often times when they are used interchangeably in the hacking world.

2. Concealing Programs

This type of malware is designed to "conceal" or hide from computer users. Widely used two concealing types Malwares used are:

Trojan Horse

Trojan horses have various appearances nowadays. It can disguise or manipulate itself as a computer repairing utility and can "promote" a person to use it to improve the speed of their computer systems. When the person downloads the fake program, it then makes its way for other software and malware and to be "installed" onto the next computer.

Creators of computer viruses very well know how to use the Trojan horse to cause a widespread virus outbreak to the PC operators. When a computer has a virus named Trojan horse on it, it is bound to spread the kind of virus to many other networks as well.


This is used to build another way to get into your computer system. Typically used by hackers, Backdoors assists them to avoid security systems that people may have installed onto their computer. Hackers with the help of these Backdoors can then do as they please on your computer.

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3. For-Profit Purpose Malware

Some companies use malware to improve their profits. When a persons’ system is infected with these types of malware, it forces them to pay a larger amount of money for a service they have no real need for. In this category, it includes Ransomware and Scams but otherwise almost every malware is created with the mindset of theft and stealing information. A person when affected by this malware, is deeply affected in terms of both losses of information and money.

Adware is one of the easiest types of malware used for scams. It features pop-ups and display ads that often have no relevance to your system.

Some computer users will put up with these certain types of adware in return for free software (games, cleaners for example). Not all adware is built of the same type. At best, it’s frustrating and will slow down your PC. At worst, the ads link to sites where malicious program downloads await unsuspecting users. Adware can also be the delivery program for Spyware and is often easily means of hacking, it makes devices a soft target for hackers, phishers, thieves, and scammers.

Ransomware on the other hand will freeze all of your computers and will demand payment (in the form of cryptocurrencies) to let go of your system and files.

4. Spreading Types of Malware

The spreaders are mostly those types that spread their types and infect a host of devices. Specifically, Bots and Botnets are of these categories. A bot is basically an infected computer that infects the system with its malware so it can be handled remotely by a hacker.

That bot (aka a zombie system), will then be used to launch more malware attacks of its types or to become part of a collection of these malicious bots (aka a botnet).

Botnets are very popularly used with hackers and even show-offs (the more bots you collect, the greater a hacker you are it is said) to the other cyber criminals to encourage spreading ransomware. Botnets can include millions of systems in their capture as they multiply undetected.

These were the top 4 malware types that you should keep yourself away from. Install best PC Cleaning Software that will keep you protected from malicious malware.