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List Of Culprits Responsible For A Malware Infection

List Of Culprits Responsible For A Malware Infection

  • 15th Mar, 2021
  • IGS Cleaner

Today we are listing down the top 5 culprits that are the ultimate carriers of Malware infection in a PC.

CulpritNo#1 = Movies and Illegal music (MP3) downloading sites

These sites usually force us to install downloading software on the computer so that we can download files from them. These download managers are often embedded with spyware, viruses and even can be trojan horses themselves. When we download the music or MP3s we wouldn’t even realize just when these malicious software gets downloaded by themselves. They sometimes take place of the cookies on your PC to keep track of your browsing habits and further hijacking your browser to make sure you are returning to their site.

CulpritNo#2 = Pop-up advertisements

Another culprit that wants to catch you off guard is these annoying pop-ups. A pop-up window may appear out of the blue or a hidden pop-under window my load in the background without you even knowing it. These windows or fake advertise whenever clicked can start downloading malicious programs and install them on your system. They can emerge on any website, not just illegal and other bad websites. However, you can prevent these types of windows from opening by using a secure browser or antivirus like Firefox that comes with a built-in pop-up blocker.

CulpritNo#3 = Fake anti-virus & anti-spyware tools

You visit a legitimate-looking website and suddenly a window appears telling you that your machine is infected with spyware. You have bought the spyware tool to scan your computer but it still shows the same error over and over again until you are blue in the face, that window will keep telling you that your device is infected with spyware. This is because it is a fake spyware tool. This type of site never does a scan for your computer, it is a fixed message that will display on any computer, no matter how clean it is. Simply put, it is a blatant lie! They want you to know that your processor is infected and that only their software is able to remove this spyware. If you download and install their software you will not only find that it is spyware itself. But you can also end up infecting a completely clean system of yours’ with an infected program, trying to remove the spyware.

A system scan takes some second or two to process, so no scanner in the world can tell you instantaneously that your computer is infected with spyware. Use a PC Cleaning Software with a good reputation, their scans are much faster. Most online scanners are no online scanners at all, you actually download the whole scanning engine and end up doing a local scan anyway. A real software scanner will tell you the spyware name of the malware and its location on your systems’ hard drive, if it is not giving you this information, then it is fake. Even if it gives you the correct information, it still does not mean that the software is legitimate and won’t corrupt your system. So do not trust everything you see on the internet and stick to well-known brands.

CulpritNo#4: Free games, free screen savers, other 3rd party websites, etc.

No, not every free game or program comes bundled with spyware, but spyware comes often with the price of installing free software. It is normally a method to observe your use of the program, to send the original creators about statistical data, or to retrieve information about your online behavior so that to send you targeted ads.

If you try to remove the gaming-associated spyware you normally render the main application useless. Read the terms and services very carefully before installing the application. But everyone knows that nobody likes to read those tiresome, long license agreements, so review that if anyone has used that game/ specific program before that might reveal any malicious spyware programs being installed.

CulpritNo#5: Malicious web pages infected with harmful scripts

We have mentioned already the websites that have malicious intent but this one is different somewhat as this means you can also get web pages containing spiteful scripts, they can appear as totally honest-looking websites. For instance, a site donating money for cancer or any other disease.

You go to their homepage and suddenly a script virus strikes your computer. This is what an anti-virus shield was made for, that unexpected attack. Firefox if actively working is designed to prevent harmful scripts and hijackers from accessing your system and taking benefit of imperfections and weak spots in your operating system.

To Sum Up,

These were all the top culprits that are responsible for bringing malware and spyware to your system. Install the best PC Tuneup Software, IGS Cleaner for the removal of malware traces and smart protection of your system.