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Online Privacy Importance & Maintainance

Online Privacy Importance & Maintainance

  • 29th Feb, 2020
  • IGS Cleaner

In today’s digital world privacy is not limited to the real world but it has a huge impact on the digital world too. Our real-life privacy is somewhat safe however, our privacy in digital space is completely skewed. Majorly because people don’t even understand what online privacy really means.

It might have clicked to you that it has something to do about what you are doing but that’s just a small part of the complete picture. In a simple way, it can be said that it has less to do with what you are doing and more to do with which site you are doing and what. You should keep in mind that your data can be sold, stolen, collected and analyzed because it is of high value.

The major part of privacy is what you do and who you are. This what you do includes the website you visit, the article you read, the searches you perform and even what you are buying online. On the other hand, who you are, contains your date of birth, name, social security number, address, contact number and so on.

If you are visiting a website or using social media there are chances that the company is collecting your data to get a clearer picture of you. And all the data that is collected on an individual can easily bring an amazing amount to the seller and that’s completely legal too. With so many companies called “data brokers” that maintain and collect data of millions of people and sell them without user’s consent. The details they can share are credit risk assessment, direct marketing and targeted marketing.

All of us hide things that we don’t want the entire world to know like medical reports. Bank account numbers, and how much money you make. And that’s the sole reason why protecting our privacy is so important.

So here we are sharing some tips that will help you in protecting your privacy online.

  • Secure your passwords: We know that our security passwords are the roots of our digital lives. Although a hacker would definitely have several strategies to crack them. To ensure that they fail in guessing your password by setting up a strong password and also start two-factor authentication for your identity verification. A strong password should be a minimum of eight characters long with a combination of uppercase-lowercase letters, symbols and numbers. Never use any full word, name, phone number or any other easily identifiable personal data. Always remember not to save passwords on any device including yours too. We understand it saves time and is convenient but it can be used by any cybercriminal to access all your information.

  • Be conscious of all privacy settings: Almost every app offer privacy setting for users. You have a choice to share limited data and know what is being shared. Remember to choose less amount of sharing. And deny camera and location access to any app. In each and every social media app or site check all the privacy settings and set it according to the need.

  • Be aware of your digital footprint: Every time you post a video, image, forum registration keep in mind that it will stay there forever even when you delete it. A digital footprint is what you would call a digital paper track.

  • Get reliable security for all of your devices: A good security software like IGS Cleaner will not only protector of your device but is also the best computer optimizer. It also saves your computer from vulnerabilities like spyware, adware, keyloggers, phishing and more.

  • Back up your data: We often overlook backing up our data. Even when we know it is essential to protect data in case there is any ransomware attack on your device and you lose all your data. You can use cloud services that provide backup services.

  • Be careful about what you do with your Computer: With the large range of trojans, worms and malware that are searching their way in your computer it is important to stay protected with the help of security software that aids interfering behaviours of apps, uncontrollable battery loss, privacy risks, intrusive behaviour of apps, excessive battery drainage, etc.

So the above mentioned are some vital points you should keep in mind while using any site, software or device. And whenever you feel that your Computer Working Slow then opts for the supreme computer optimizer you will ever find- IGS Cleaner Software. You can pick free as well as paid services of this software that will help you in keeping safe with the security threats and will safe your online privacy as well which is a must.