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Online Shopping Scam and Their Prevention

Online Shopping Scam and Their Prevention

  • 27th Dec, 2018
  • IGS Cleaner

Nowadays, People are crazy about online shopping, and thanks to the technology which has made it possible to visit an online retail store, while sitting at our homes. We can simply browse through its goods by the dozen, add one or two products of your choice to a shopping cart and click to buy. Everything comes with two sides, a positive and a negative one likewise, if on one side online shopping is easy and convenient but on the other side it have some issues too.

One of the top issues of online shopping is its security concerns. There are customers who got stuck in online shopping scams and now scared of online shopping and avoid it doing in future. But this is not the solution you should be aware of the common scams and ensure you’re taking the necessary steps to protect yourself from online threats.

Here are four of the most common online shopping scams going around this year along with tips on how you can protect yourself from them.

Discounted gift cards

Most discounted gift voucher offers that come straightforwardly from retailers are real, yet online customers should at present be careful about scammers who use promotions to steal from unsuspecting buyers.

The best way to decide if a gift voucher offer is genuine or fake is to check whether it requests for banking information. Official retailers and banks won't request this data. If in case that you feel that an offer is asking for so much of information, erase the email promptly. If it doesn’t ask for banking account data, it's presumably safe, however, as a safer side it would great to look into the offer or call the retailer to make sure the offer is genuine.

Is site is reliable?

Email marketing has turned out to be one of the most popular ways where retailers reach customers with special offers and deals. Nonetheless, there will be some scrappy messages you should pay special attention to avoid being scammed.

If you get an offer from a site you don't perceive, don't click the connection offer. Nowadays, the scammer utilizing malignant connections in fake shopping messages to send clients to pages that request individual data for wholesale fraud. These pages can likewise be utilized by online thieves to introduce ransomware on your device.

In the event that a suspicious email offer truly seems like something, you'd be keen on, look through the offer in Google and check whether anything comes up. If it's a real arrangement from a genuine company, you'll able to find that offer on other websites too. If it’s not, you’ll probably find a result or two that indicates it’s a scam. You could likewise take a stab at looking into the sender or calling a customer service number to find out whether the organization is genuine or not.

Shopping account hacks

Thieves are continually attempting to discover better ways to hack the system of significant retailers to get your payment data. In spite of the fact that it is difficult to control how secure a given retailer's payment system is, there are a few stages you can take to secure your data as in case of a hack.

To make it harder for scammers to take a few to get back some composure of your data, utilize an alternate username and password for each record you set up with an online retailer. It's additionally a smart idea is to use an alternate email account for online based shopping, so you can keep your banking account and other financial accounts separated from social media and shopping accounts as possible.

Another savvy way to save your own financial data is to utilize a prepaid card for your online buys this season as opposed to utilizing your own charge or MasterCard. This will enable you to keep those numbers safe from wrong hands

Malware site reroutes

Another way clever scammers are out to get unsuspecting shoppers is through malicious pages that install rerouting malware on your device. Normally, you'll experience these through awful connections sent to you through email or message or when you accidentally type in the wrong URL while attempting to visit an explicit site. When you've visited one of these pages, it will introduce malware that reroutes you to the fake website when you’re trying to go to legitimate sites like your online banking site or a specific retailer.

The most ideal way to protect yourself from this kind of hack is to run system optimizer on your PC on a reliable premise. This administration will enable you to stop and erase malware and spyware from your device. You should likewise watch out for whatever looks irrelevant on the sites you visit routinely. Fake locales will ordinarily be much lower quality than a genuine website and have weird duplicate or glitches that you don't will, in general, observe on real sites for money related organizations or significant retailers.


Staying safe online can be troublesome when online thieves keep on getting savvier and more slippery about the manners in which they go after shoppers. Luckily, there are numerous things you can do to protect yourself from potential dangers. Online retailers and money related organizations are venturing in to help battle cyber security ruptures also. In case you're keen on adapting increasingly about what you can do to protect yourself from other online scams.