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Parental Control Tips For Safe Internet Browsing

Parental Control Tips For Safe Internet Browsing

  • 22nd Feb, 2020
  • IGS Cleaner

You coming from the office seeing your 2 olds' holding a device bigger than their hands watching their favorite Baby Shark video, such a mundane site really, nobody is shocked and why would they be when we know that we have come to that age of technology where our little ones know how to easily access the internet. Or as a parent you would have most likely given access to the Internet to your kids for education, researching learning new skills, and thousands of other things, that are available only on the know-it-all Google. It really does not help that the current situations of uncertainties and closure of face to face education system have themselves driven the kids to make use of the Internet and Browsing.

Even if you have placed the "screen time limits" or "internet online behavior" on your child's internet surfing, it has all capsized with the emergence of the virtual age. And we can all agree it is not easy to keep a watch every time.

Why Should A Parent Worry About Parental Control?

Most parents today are working parents and could not give appropriate times to their kids due to their busy schedules, because of this children feel lonely and to make up for it, parents give them access to their favorite friend's internet. Now Internet in all its glory having infiltrated most homes can be a dangerous place, the children might get exposed to an inappropriate website or they may get influenced by bad harmful individuals from social media, worse they may click on something they might even don't know about causing it to unknowingly invite hacking malware who may get installed without your knowledge eventually give the hackers access to your private information.

Tips To Keep The Internet A Safe Place To Kids

The Internet is an interesting place where if you have placed controls and several locks a child who knows the internet like the back of his hand can easily figure out how to undo the internet lock, in fact, thanks to our friend Google, the guides to unlock are fairly easy than it is to lock in the first place.

Enable Google SafeSearch

Stop if you have started blaming our dear friend Google because there are services it offers to enable a safe search. With Google SafeSearch, you can filter out sexually explicit content (images, videos, websites) from your children. You can enable this on phone browser, tablet browser, Android Smart Tvs' etc.

How To Enable for Tablets:

  • Go To Search Settings on Google.
  • Click the Box named "Turn on SafeSearch.
  • Scroll to the bottom and click "Save"

Blocking Websites

If you just want to keep your youngsters from playing games or watch anything inapproate, then you can take the help of your OS. Every major operating system like Windows, Apple macOS comes with its built-in feature to prevent access to specific websites, you need to have an account login and an updated version.

Using Antivirus

It's very important to make sure that your family network is safe from malicious online activity and the best way to ensure this is through learning about it and education. Make sure you show and teach your kids plus all family members the security threats posed online like malware, Trojans, phishing, fake emails, ads, third-party apps, etc, and how to identify and prevent from being getting targeted by cyber threats.

Additionally, it is wise to set certain parental controls and content restrictions for the times your children gain access to the Internet. Additionally, every browser has a parental control security option that will allow you to restrict visits to specified forbidden sites, you may also create site-blockers for websites that usually pose a threat to a younger audience.

It is also important to explain not only to young ones but to all age groups in your family the importance of using the internet safely. This includes Internet usage across different devices, as security threats can vary from desktop, tablets to cellular networks.

Using A Cleaning Utility You Can Trust

Be it a child or adults your PC can be a residence to many internet problems and prying eyes, so to keep it safe, to detect malware inside and delete the traces of Internet browsing, Computer Cleaner Software IGS Cleaner is recommended to be installed to safely clean and detect the dangers that come from the Internet Browsing.