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5 Easy Spring Season Cleaning Activities For Computers

Tips To Enjoy Safe Web Browsing

  • 14th June, 2021
  • IGS Cleaner

Spring Season has come!

Computers and Internet have been an integral part of our life. To share files between people worldwide, the Internet is widely used. Not only that, but the Internet also serves as a great source of information. You can learn about anything from the Internet. This tool is now also used to interact among the people as well as the organizations.

But as you see, there are also plenty of drawbacks that come with the use of our friend Internet. Today, droves of malicious objects are sailing on the web in the form of viruses, ransomware, spyware, adware, etc. All these are known as the type of problems that don’t only attack the computers but also are responsible for the precious loss the data.

So protecting our systems from these malicious attacks is very essential to enjoy safe internet browsing. In this blog today, we will discuss the simple steps to enjoy safe internet browsing.

Use a firewall for better privacy & security

A firewall is the best application that you must use. It secures your system from hackers from accessing your computer by unauthorized means. Programming a personal firewall in your systems will bring down the uncertainty of your computer falling prey to internet threats & hackers.

Buy good antivirus online & use it

Security experts mutually agree that a primary defense for protected usage of web & systems is to buy and install antivirus online as soon as possible. This antivirus software helps in analyzing and eliminating the malware using its scanner tools that prevent additional damage by avoiding new virus infections in the system.

Update your Windows and software for internet security & computer safety.

It isn’t enough to just install an adware removal tool or malware scanner on your computers. You must install each Windows update as you find them popping up on your screen. Not only that but also be cautious of the new scams and software, because Cybercriminals are continuously traversing for new techniques on how to infiltrate an individual’s systems and launch the latest dangerous threats on us. To combat these security software developers develop regular bug fixes and updates to fight these emerging threats.

By Bookmark Your Important Websites.

There must be few sites that you visit on daily basis, therefore it is better to bookmark those websites in your web browser. Because a misspelled address or typo mistake in the web address could guide you to the wrong site that could be a replica of the site you never intended to visit. It may also come with malicious code that could harm your computer security and jeopardize your personal data. Bookmarked addresses, on the other hand, are the convenience that always helps you in landing on the right website always.

Be cautious of suspicious-looking clickable links in your email or instant messages

It is common knowledge that viruses tend to expand quickly via links in instant texts and email link attachments, even if you know the sender and trust the person, website name, or organization who sent the mail; there are huge chances the link may be tainted. The link forwarder also may not have many details about it.

In fact, be wary of clicking links, in any location.

Pop-up windows providing freebies, Free toolbars, links in social media platforms, sidebar ads on websites etcetera be at vigilance all the time when you see yourself clicking links, because when you click any of these, it may result in leading you to a bunch of problems in your system. So be aware not to select by turning a blind eye. Use high-level advanced security tools like PC Cleaning Software, malware scanner, adware removal tools, and many more for your best internet security and system safety measure.

Wrap up

Always recognize the care you take to protect yourself increases with your online life protection as well. It goes hand in hand so never ever share your personal data unless you are completely certain that the source you are offering the information to is secure and safe. Be also aware that any information that you share on the public wireless hotspot ( for instance at a bus or cafe nearby) isn’t secure and can be easily accessed by anyone studying you and your information as it continuously passes through the public network.

Never let your information easily available in any system or network. Always stay secure and safe with the updated versions of the antivirus program and PC Cleaner from renowned brands like IGS Cleaner.