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Two Factor Authentication for securing your Online Accounts

Two Factor Authentication for securing your Online Accounts

  • 31st Oct, 2019
  • IGS Cleaner

With developing technology, we have become more dependent on it to perform our daily routine tasks. We create accounts on different online platforms to facilitate these functions.

For using the online accounts securely, it is mandatory to implement security checks on digital devices. It’s because every account created online is vulnerable to an attack from hackers.

Single-Factor Authentication security mechanism has proven to be compromised by hackers relatively easily. They use spam, plug-ins, unsolicited links and emails to target certain users having weaker login credentials. So taking advanced security measures on digital devices while using different online platforms cannot be understated. Two-Factor Authentication is the latest answer to these kinds of online breaches.

To secure the use of technology with advanced features, the user must devise the Two-Factor Authentication on their digital device for improved validation. It helps in providing greater security, high productivity, more flexibility, lower security management expenses, building reliable online connections on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, Reddit and other accounts also. This is an extra security mechanism, alongside the login credentials available under Single-Factor Authentication.

The process of taking high-end online security under this authentication is very easy to understand and follow through. The detailed transcription about the factors, apps and keys authenticating the online security of digital devices is mentioned below.

What is Two-Factor Authentication?

This is a process whereby the user gets authentication factors to supplement advanced online security. A phone number or email is a necessary component to initiate this process. It begins when the user logs onto a website and types their login credentials for accessing their online account. Thereafter the user either gets a link or code emailed or texted on the device. Once he/she performs the task related to the link or code as specified, the account is securely accessible.

The user can avail this security feature with their personal biometric details collected for the authentication factor. Authenticator apps are also readily available to get the best version of security for online platforms; they generate codes to provide online security.

Authentication factors:

Knowledge Factor- When the user has login credentials under Single-Factor Authentication, it is categorized as a knowledge factor.

Possession Factor- Alongside the login credentials, when the user has a technical link or code, this is collectively understood as possession factor.

Inherence Factor- It consists of login credentials with the user’s personal attributes mapped for biometric factors like fingerprints, facial scans, voice recognition or speech patterns etc.

Authenticator apps:

Authenticator apps provide either a number or QR code which is saved automatically on a digital device. Two-Factor Authentication happens when these codes are used as per the app guidelines. These app-generated codes implement extra security while correlated to standard texting method. Famous apps for authenticating online security are as under:

  • Authy
  • Microsoft Authenticator
  • Google Authenticator
  • Lastpass Authenticator

Hardware keys:

Hardware keys are one of the best devices to propagate the Two-Factor authentication on a digital device. These keys are just required to be plugged-in on the digital device to get the much-needed advanced security. Following are some of the well-known hardware keys for online security:

  • Yubikey
  • Kensington Verimark USB Fingerprint
  • Thetis

Securing the integrity of online accounts is a paramount need in today’s ever-advancing technology. Two-Factor Authentication feature is a front runner in providing advanced security to the online accounts. The users have to implement these security features if they want to continuously use technology without facing its bad consequences. Once the users have understood the value of securing their online accounts, then the technology will bring them more intrinsic worth. In all, we can say that Two-Factor Authentication is a very reliable mechanism in providing greater security while using technology.