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WFH Friendly Tips To Make Work From Computers Easier

WFH Friendly Tips To Make Work From Computers Easier

  • 19th Mar, 2021
  • IGS Cleaner

Stress, Anxiety, Pressure From Office, Panic?

In the space of weeks again we have all succumbed to the work from home schedule, and there are a variety of reactions from the people, most of all is an increase in stress.

Here we are providing the top 5 WFH tips to make your work stress-free and easier from home.

1. Reduce Your Screen Time

With nothing to do and nowhere to go, we are basically stuck to our screens. Be it the ridiculous mounts of social media screening, long hours of office working, binging a new favorite series on Netflix, or obsessing over this new game we must consider taking a step back from going into the black hole of screen time. In WFH everyone can relate that we have definitely found ourselves either on laptops of work and then all evenings on Netflix.

We also understand that your working hours were fixed and at home, the lines have been probably been blurred for a fixed schedule, but make sure to every once in a while to switch between different activities like playing with your children, pets, listening to music, or maybe just 5 minutes of breathing and a stroll in your room will be enough.

Take some time to enjoy the fresh air. Plan some "off hours" from your busy WFH schedule, give your eyes some breathing screen-free time and you'll notice that you will feel less stressed, as there will be no pressure on your eyes and your health.

2. Clean Your Work Space And WFH Setup

A relaxing comfortable seat with adjustable height and mechanisms in the office. Some people do not have that luxury at home. It is either a simple plastic/wooden chair or their beds. And sitting at one place all day in the same room sure does make us gloomy and irritated. Get some cleaning up done to your desktops and work area!

Happy home decors and regular cleaning at your work area will keep your mind refreshed and considerably less stress-free in WFH. Also thinking about your posture is important, get your laptops to your eye level that is not too high and too low. Try to keep your back straight by getting some support from cushions.

You will notice that a well-placed desktop and a clean home with nice decors will get your spirits lifted. A plant placement around your rooms is also a great idea to spread some greenery positivity and a fresh environment in your room.

3. Managing Your Computer Security

You probably had the latest technology installed on your computers at offices, with a bunch of IT experts ready who used to take care of your computer problems. But at home? you are now stuck with your laptops, it may have been installed with technology but who is going to be there for your PC repair?

As everyone had started work from home so had the hackers and online scammers. For them, this prime season was given to them as a present as they can fool the people at their homes who don’t know much about the protection and online scam thefts. According to the report of Intrado GlobalNewsWire, since the pandemic has started over 51% of people have complained about malicious phishing activities, and 86% of the consumers have fallen victim globally as the shopping online has drastically increased.

Keep your PC optimized by updating it regularly and clearing it from every redundant trash that you must have been saving from your work. If you do not have an anti-virus solution or PC Cleaning Software then quickly get some! These are some of the most important tools that maintain and keep PC away from Malware threats and Online Security thefts.

So there you are, are top WFH tips to make working easier, apply, and hopefully, they’ll make your lives a little less stressed. It is definitely a hard and weird time for all of us but remembers that we are all in this together. Download IGS Cleaner an all-around Computer Cleaner Software that also makes the life of a WFH easier by deleting all junk files and maintaining productivity.