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Why Keeping your Computer Clean Matters?

Why Keeping your Computer Clean Matters?

  • 8th Feb, 2020
  • IGS Cleaner

Having a clean software keeps your data protected. Regular program and software updates assure that malware, viruses, and hackers stay out of your system. When you delete unused programs, maintain your files, often perform the maintenance task with the help of computer cleaner software than you can be sure that your computer will store the files and other data without corrupting them.

Computer Software cleaning

It’s important to clean your computer software so that it can work efficiently and here we are sharing some tips through which you can keep your PC clean.

Protect against Malware: Install internet protection software like IGS Cleaner to ensure that viruses, as well as malware, don’t get inside your computer’s storage and corrupt your files or invade your privacy.

Update your software and clean out old programs: All the dated software are vulnerable towards virus and malware as most of the software updates are designed to keep your PC safe. Whenever going for an update make sure to remove the old programs or software which are no longer in use are removed from your PC. This not only keeps your PC safe but also make sure that there is no unnecessary data and prevents the computer from Malware that can get inside by means of no longer used programs.

Back-Up Everything: Taking back-up of data is a must, it may be possible that you have to change your laptop or computer and it would take a long time to copy and paste all the data from one pc to another. So backing-up the important and private files in the cloud or online is the best option to keep your data safe and transfer to any PC. Always commit to back-up data if you often work on critical documents like a business contract.

Clean up Your Digital Life

Now is the time to remove those digital dust sitting inside our computer’s memory that includes unimportant files, and programs or software you don’t use that also fill your desktop unnecessarily.

Tidy Up your Computer’s Workspace

So many programs that we install in our computer without any permission create a short-cut on the desktop which then displays as an icon. However, if you delete all the shortcuts it will not remove the program but it will create more space on the desktop and it will look more optimized and easy to work upon.

Get organized

While working on related files create categories for them accordingly such as for official work create a folder named as work or for your finance related work create a folder named financial statements, if you have photos of your family, kids or friends then create a folder named Family Photos and so on, and after that put all the documents inside those folders. Also, keep in mind to delete all the files that doesn’t belong to any of your folders and are useless. Just after managing all this mess, create a back-up for your file apart from your local hard disk whether in a pen drive or on the cloud with security.

Update your passwords

Adopt a habit to regularly update passwords on all the devices and accounts as it is considered as a digital security habit and protects your device as well as account from any threat. We know that passwords are the keys by utilizing which one can access important files, data, financial information, and your overall digital life. So keep in mind to ensure that you are using a unique and complex password for each and every account. Using a PC cleaner software like IGS Cleaner will not only keeps your PC clean but will also secure your numerous site visiting and logging into the sites that have your personal or professional information in it. Apart from that remember to choose two-method authentication if the services you are using are also offering additional security parameters for your credentials and files safety.

Remember Your Digital Footprints

Digital footprints refer to the details and traces of your all online activities from making an online purchase to commenting on social media or news pieces. Here we are sharing the tricks on how to check your Digital Footprints:

Type your name on Several Search Engines

Search your first name and last name on various search engines, if in case you have recently changed your name then search for both the previous name and the recent one. Also, try out the misspellings there as well, then check the first two pages of the search engine results. If they are not positive and something you don’t like then ask the administrator to remove it.

Always cross-check your Privacy Settings but never trust them

Social Media platforms like Facebook offers privacy settings which allows you to be in control of who can see your posts or who cannot. Check all these settings and get to know about them fully. But don’t be assured that it will protect you from somewhere that uses social media sites and has access to them as sometimes while searching on Google or Bing your images can be displayed there.

So keep in mind to stay safe by regularly removing unused files or folders, changing your passwords, and cleaning your PC with IGS Cleaning Software.